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The Covenant Kids Program at our Presbyterian Church is the perfect place for children to explore their faith while having fun. Our program offers a variety of activities, from games to music, to teach children about God's plan for their lives. Join us for worship and fellowship as we nurture your child's spiritual growth and help them discover their unique purpose in this world.

Covenant Kids Programs

Birth to Pre-K

During Worship (10:00AM) on Sundays

At Covenant Presbyterian Church, we offer a fun and welcoming environment for our youngest members. Our Birth to Pre-K Church program allows children to stay with parents or join in our Kids church where they will sing songs, study scripture, play, laugh, and learn. We understand the importance of instilling a love for God at a young age and are committed to fostering an environment where children feel safe, loved, and encouraged to grow in their faith.

Birth to Pre-K Church Programs

1st through 5th Grade

During Worship (10:00AM) on Sundays

1st-5th have their own special space at the end of the children's hallway. There is a new fellowship hall just for them full of games and activities. They also have their own worship room where they are going through to see how the whole Bible fits together to show us God's rescue plan. The 5th Sunday of the month elementary students are in worship which will be set up more family friendly.

Gallery of Fun!

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