Last Sunday's Sermon:

Covenant is a place where grace happens; a place to grow spiritually, relationally and personally.
If you’re looking for somewhere you can be you and where you can be the one God created you to be, this is the place. 
Whether you just want a place to enjoy the company of others or you’re looking for confidential support there is a place for you at Covenant: Welcome Home!
We invite any opportunity to join you on your journey of faith and share the presence of Christ together. View the  quotes below to see how others have found what they were looking for.


September 2019

When we visited your church several years ago while looking for a church, we received a warm welcome from [the] congregation. This welcome never ceased and only increased through the years.

June H.

This study was soooooooo great with Chris and all the other class members! Opened my mind, heart, and soul to the sweet, intimate relationship that God desires with His children/sheep!


Our first visit to the church was a warm welcome “home.” I don’t recall ever visiting a church where people were so down to earth, warm and interested in really knowing us. After weeks of visits and finding God’s presence consistently in this fellowship, we feel this is where we can connect with God and people who truly serve him.

July 2018

Our first link to Covenant Presbyterian of Springfield was listening to the pastor’s Sunday messages. Calling his Sunday messages “sermons” does not seem appropriate to me. Pastor Chris Williams brought God’s message(s) to us week after week...messages that reached into our hearts, our minds, our souls. (This was before we ever visited the church.)

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   Service Times:

Adult Bible Study, Sunday 9:30 AM

Worship, Sunday 10:45 AM


 Covenant Presbyterian Church

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