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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your services like?

We are a liturgical congregation meaning we will read set prayers, recite Christian creeds and confessions that articulate our faith, confess our sins, sing songs, and read scripture.

We will stand and sit, though you are free to remain seated.

Do I need to be a Bible scholar to attend?

Not at all! Our services are accessible for those who are in a church for the very first time and for those who have grown up attending faith services. If you are wanting to know God and your place in His story, we have room for you here!

What should I wear?

Whatever is respectful and allows you to honor God. Some wear suits or dresses while others wear jeans.

What type of church are you?

We are Presbyterians, in particular ECO Presbyterians. You can follow this link here to learn more about our denomination. About ECO. You do not have to be a Presbyterian to worship with us or be part of this church community.

What is there for kids?

During the service there is a children's church for birth through K (though they may stay throughout). Grade 1-12 attend the main service and we have customized sermon notes for them to follow along. After the service there are Connect Groups for all ages and stages to help all of us better understand our faith.

How are you involved in the community?

We love our neighbors! Follow this link to see the organizations we partner with to help those in need in Springfield and the world.

Our Beliefs

Vision (Where we are going)

Covenant Presbyterian Church exists to be True Home for all.

Mission (How we will get there)

We are in a session of writing our mission statement. We will update this page as soon as we have it complete.

Core Values (Who we will always be along the way)

We are also working on our core values. Updates coming soon.


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