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As covenant partners within ECO we are committed to developing leaders that are themselves flourishing as disciples of Jesus Christ. A congregation cannot flourish unless its leaders (specifically Pastors, Elders, Deacons, Staff) are fully committed to leading Christ-centered lives. Leadership flows from discipleship. ECO has identified 10 core competencies that identify one as a leader in the church. Even though we are not perfect, we are being perfected in Christ and should seek to continue to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Each of us will be stronger in some areas and weaker in other areas but all ten competencies should be on our list of goals, aspirations and desires. We will never hit any higher than the bar we set for ourselves. Listed below are the 10 competencies (qualities, characteristics, skills) desired of a leader with notation of what it means specifically for an Elder or Deacon:

Competency #1


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The extent to which a leader has a personal relationship with the triune God that is continually formed through a variety of practices.

· Regularly reads and reflects on God’s Word and applies it to their life

· Regularly spends time in prayer by speaking to and listening to God

· Incorporates other spiritual disciplines into their life

· Manifests the Fruit of the Spirit internally and externally

· Operates from an identity rooted in the Gospel

· Commits to living within a community of believers for mutual encouragement and support

· Able to discern and articulate God’s call on their life and ministry

Competency #2


The extent to which a leader’s actions and attitudes are consistent with the desires of God and the example of Jesus.

· Follows through with personal commitments to others

· Has a genuinely sacrificial love and care for others

· Understands and lives within the ethical boundaries set forth in Scripture

· Expresses authentic personal humility in their relationships with others and demonstrates a willingness to learn and grow

Competency # 3


The extent to which the leader understands the entire Bible as well as the ability to study and apply Scripture appropriately.

· Possesses a general knowledge of the flow of Scripture and major events

· Can study a passage of Scripture at a base level with or without tools, and determine a general meaning and purpose for their lives and the lives of others

· Can find basic ways of applying Scripture to current situations

Competency #4


The extent to which the leader understands, embraces, and is able to apply both the core of the Christian faith as well as the Reformed Faith of ECO as expressed in our Essential Tenets and Confessions.

· Fully embraces the Essential Tenets (see eco-press.org)

· Able to articulate Scriptural support for the Essential Tenets

· Is willing to adhere to all aspects of the essentials in teaching and practice

Competency #5


The extent to which the leader understands ECO’s polity, ethos, and values, as well as their ability to appropriately apply this knowledge in various situations.

· Displays a full understanding of the first two chapters of ECO polity

Competency #6


The extent to which the leader understands the sacraments from a Reformed perspective and is able to celebrate those sacraments in appropriate circumstances and contexts.

· Able to articulate a basic Reformed understanding of the sacraments and their practice

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Competency #7


The extent to which the leader is able to take the incarnational posture of Christ into a surrounding context to bring about transformation in the Kingdom.

· Approaches the surrounding context within which God has placed them with the same love and attitude that was present in Jesus

· Committed and able to bring about God’s redemption in the world by working to bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, meet physical needs, as well as working for reconciliation and justice

Competency # 8


The extent to which the leader is able to help others determine their giftedness and calling, as well as their ability to help leaders develop greater competency.

· Able to help others discover their giftedness and calling

Competency #9


The extent to which a leader is able to work with and lead others (both individually and corporately) who have a variety of gifts, personalities and experiences.

· Able to lead groups and ministry teams as appropriate

· Able to actively go along with decisions that they would not have chosen for themselves

Competency #10


The extent to which a leader can preach both topically and exegetically in ways that are true to the meaning of the Scriptures, as well as clear, winsome, well-organized and contextually appropriate.

· Able to communicate the truth of Scripture to others

In Him,

Chris Williams

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