Foundation Funds

What does God want you to do with the gifts he has given you?


      In 1991 the Covenant Foundation was established for the purpose of expanding and enriching the mission of the Covenant Presbyterian congregation by expressing the belief that we, as Christian people, are called to be faithful managers of all of the gifts of God.

     The Foundation allows members and friends to make gifts to Covenant Church which will endure in PERPETUITY.

      We are primarily a gift management entity solely devoted to carrying out the wishes of donors who have contributed to  established named funds, funds maintained or memorials.  

     Our commitment is to thoughtfully invest, record and execute actions which will enhance the future of Covenant Presbyterian Church.


Funds maintained are:

  • Mission Fund

  • Maintenance Fund

  • Scholarship Fund

  • General Fund

  • Named Funds


     Contributions to an existing  Fund may be made at any time by anyone. Ways of giving to the Covenant Foundation, Inc. include:

  •   Cash

  •   Securities

  •   Life Insurance

  •   Gifts of Real Property

  •   Personal Property

  •   Wills

     Memorial contributions should be made to Covenant Foundation Inc. and mailed to 2441 South Lone Pine, Springfield, MO 65804


      If at anytime you have a question regarding any aspect of the Foundation, please contact the Church office for contact information for a member of the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors:

D. Williams, K. Meyer, R. Ausburn, M. Molnar, L. Daniel,

and J. Dunn

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